October 6, 2008

We back...

Yup... I'm back from the Chi but I'm tired as all get out and my Hangin' Tough arm still hurts. I'll post more details soon - probably not today.

But... for those of you who can't take it... the show was great... our seats sucked in the nosebleeds and "behind the stage" sucked with the only highlight being that we could see the guys go into their dressing room and all the behind the stage mechanics like when the guys get onto the hydraulic platform on stage.

My pics are crappy since I was zoomed in by 4000 but I'll post the ones that did turn out soon. I personally didn't meet any of the guys but a few of my fellow TCBlockheads did those with 5* and those that did not.

There's a whole story about the mega bus trip there... and a whole better story about the ride back... let's just say to watch out for Ghetto Barbie - she drives a bus and thinks she can sing... she's just waiting for her big break where she not only is the opening act but also the tour bus driver. It's hard out here for a pimp.

I had a great time with Melba... and only wished we could have made it into Chicago... I mean Rosemount(?) a little bit sooner. Not your fault Melba, I know! I'm glad to say she is a born again Blockhead thanks to one little night with me!


SARAH said...

Hey Kim! Were you on the 3p Megabus? Sounds like there were quite a few NKOTB fans that were taking that one. I was on the 12noon one. :) Sorry your seats sucked for the show -- guess it's a good thing you've got a few more coming up. :) I can't wait to hear about your 5* stories from Milwaukee!!

Mel said...

It's Rosemont! I had such a blast... Today while listening to my new CD, I showed Nicole how to wave her "Hangin' Tough" arm and sing the "oh oh oh" part. I MUST get it on video! You will die!

Annette said...

I love the "Born Ahead Blockhead" and "Blocktober". Classic!!!

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